Arena Do Morro progress, first study

In order to understand the Arena Do Morro project, I attempted to replicate the floorplan of the site in order to get a general understanding of its layout. Much time was spent on finding official drawings as well as figuring out the scale of the image shown;

first attempt;

the scan unfortunately came out muddled

Analyzing the IAC building

For this assignment I chose to analyze the IAC building designed by Frank Gehry.

In terms of systems I deduced that the building consists of:

System A ) simple pilllars arranged in a sequence allowed by the concrete columns behind the building’s glazing.

System B ) a “twisting” effect on these pillars, due to the vertical mullions changing in angle, most often towards the south.

System C )  white fritted glass that progressively reveals clear glass toward the center, giving the building the appearance of either the sky, the hudson, or the buildings that surround the structure.