Materiality and Assembly/ Design Studio 2 integration models

The first attempt to integrate both an existing family of systems from Materiality and Assembly with my concept from Design Studio 2 was utilizing the Wire x Plastic bag family to create the orb shapes that comprises a large of amount of the space.

throughout this process it’s been difficult to find a way to properly keep the plastic bag taught around the geometry established by the wire, in the material study here panty-hose were used to show the enclosed area

This set of studies utilizes the flexible characteristics of basswood sticks relying on the stability of metal wire & rods, while also being held in place by a basin of rockite to demonstrate how these orb shapes will be oriented in the floor slab

This next model uses characteristics from the Plastic Barrier X Basswood stick family:

Forming the same grid as the original material study, the basswood sticks used here make a rough spatial model representing where the orb shapes will be located underneath the site, along with a flexible sheet material (in this case wire mesh) to represent to ramped nature of the floor plane

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