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For the second Time project, I was tasked with using transparencies to “Collapse Time”. On one set of transparencies I printed a photo of a 1950s San Francisco, and on the other transparency, a photo of modern day San Francisco. I wanted to make something three dimensional and erring more toward installation piece than flat 2D piece mounted on a wall.

I went to the woodshop for the first time in order to use a drill to make holes in the wooden dowel. I used small silver jump rings to connect the squares of transparency paper I had cut out and used clear fishing wire to hang the piece.

When I brought this piece in for a critique, my classmates and professor suggested trying a different mobile method the next time I make a piece like this. Suggestions included hanging it from the ceiling, making the wooden dowel a square or circle so that the piece is even more 3D, or cascading the transparency pieces from small to large so that my piece isn’t so straight across.

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