Artist Statement (Public Art)

The concept behind my vending machine is to raise a question about luxury and necessity. How often do we think critically about what we are consuming and whether or not it’s something that we actually need? Can our needs be met in a simpler way? I was inspired by the idea of a “cult classic” or a “must have,” which is typically an everyday object that is overhyped so much that it achieves a god-like or worship-worthy status. I took the three most basic, everyday items: a toothbrush, hairbrush, and Band-Aid, and reimagined these everyday objects in a more luxurious way. The point of this piece is to make people WANT these items because they are so beautiful, and then perhaps question why they need such ridiculous and over the top everyday essentials. The vending machine of these luxury items is located in the heart of West Village on Bleecker street, next to high end shops so that the vending machine attracts exactly the type of person that would unironically purchase items from it. This public art concept is an extension and iteration of my need for all my work to have some element of irony or playfulness to it which stems from my desire to not take myself or my art too seriously. This desire is a common thread in most of my work.

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