Bridge 5: The Last Word (Int. Seminar 1: Fake)



Hi, my name is Hana Lanzkowsky. Int. Studio and Seminar 1 was a very new experience for me and something I am so glad I got to do because I learned so much about myself as an artist and designer. Through these classes, I got to learn how to work together with other people, which I had never done before in an art setting having only done private art classes in High School, and think more creatively and developing my ideas above and beyond.  The project I feel most proud of was Bridge 4: A New Monument. The outcome wasn’t perfect but the process of changing and developing ideas and making something that could possibly make a difference was exciting and meaningful. The process was also challenging with having a partner who was difficult to work with and left me with most of the work but in the end, this made me more proud of the work I had accomplished.


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  1. Melissa Rachleff · December 16, 2018 Reply

    You should feel extremely proud of your work this semester Hana! Your work on the STAR memorial was so impressive, and it was obvious that you led the effort in terms of the conceptualization, research and realization. You truly developed a project that would make a difference in our community, and I know you will have more opportunities at Parsons to continue developing your interest in socially-engaged art/design projects. Be proud of your leadership skills too–you set a great example for the entire class!

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