Drawing Through the Making Center: Laser Wear

Reference Jewelry




Illustrator File

Broken Pieces

Final Pieces

Painted Detail


For this project, we were tasked with making jewelry for our client using the laser lab. I interviewed my client Anna and found out that she is from Singapore but has a Russian Background. This fact was the basis for what I created. I wanted to create something that displayed both of her cultures so I created a layered necklace to represent the layers of her background. This was a very rewarding experience seeing it actually be worn and how my client liked my piece. I learned a lot through this project, especially how to make jewelry. I had never made jewelry before and using the laser lab to do it taught me a lot about different ways to create it. Also through the process, I learned the value of creating more than one piece in the laser labs. When cutting my pieces out I realized some were too big and some were cut off because of the placing on my file. From now on I will always create multiple copies in case something were to happen.


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