Final Slide Show Presentation

I wanted to create a type of first aid kit for college students to help with their mental health. In my kit I include a brochure, a poster, and business cards. The brochure is called “How to Improve your Mental Health,”  it includes ways you can improve your mental health. I thought that since people are very busy in today’s society they often forget simple ways to help with their mental health. The how to brochure will serve as a helpful reminder. The poster included says “Know the Signs” in bold letters and in smaller type behind “Know the Signs” are signs of depression and anxiety. I wanted to include this poster as a reminder to people to look out for these signs in loved ones to help them. The last thing I included was several business cards. On these business cards are resources for crisis hotlines and places to get professional help. One of the most important things to do for a person suffering from a mental illness is to find correct resources to help so they can improve. With this tool kit my hope is to better the lives of people with mental health and people to be more understanding towards this problem.

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