Wooden Body Sculpture Project – Nathaniel Leshem – Space and Materiality




When I set out to create a body interactive sculpture from wood, I aimed to build a mask like three dimensional sculpture that could be placed on the hand and interact with the arm. I wanted to use the expressiveness of a mask but make it handheld.  After sketching the face and building a prototype out of cardboard, I cut the outline of the mask out of wood. Then I divided it into sixths so I could make hinges within the facial features to create depth. After doing the two dimensional drawing work, I stapled wire mesh to the back of it, so that it runs up the users arm when they hold it. I also attached a hand strap made from fabric. I spray painted the wire mesh to create a greater sense of contrast between the front mask part and the mesh attachment.  In this project, I felt that I was able to build upon my two dimensional work by incorporating it within a body interactive sculpture. I struggled during this project at certain points, like when we had to create the paper folds in cardboard. However I think that I ended up gaining a lot from this challenge as I now have a better grasp on how to merge my drawings with work that is more three dimensional. I also feel I have a better grasp on how to use mechanical joints rather than adhesives. Overall, I feel that this project as well as this class in general have improved my sense for how artwork creates spatial awareness as well as how our haptic senses affect our impression of a piece.