Dérive I


A compulsive collection of nuanced colors

The Map of the dérive in the Jardin des Tuileries represents the transcription of the colors that came to my mind while I was listening to the sound of the fountain. Indeed, the garden is full of colors but I wanted to use ink colors more for an imaginative, creative and sensitive purpose, rather than the exact transcription of the colors that I have in memory. It is more about my personal sensations when I was listening to the sound of the fountain, the movement of the water falling, enlargement and death of the drops at the surface.

My map is a book made of tissue pages, each one unique and different, because the sound of the water is random and ephemeral. An explosion of senses, profusion of colors and the hasardeous side of the drops falling down emerge from this book composed by random samplings. I decided to work on inks to explore some of the possibilities of intense and bright colors that offers ink, by combining them, comparing them, throwing, splashing, patting, crumpling … and combining at the same time the chance and accident control of the drops diffusion . My map is half way abstract because it gives rise to interpretation, but also figurative in a sense that it shows some kind of marine mapping.

First of all, I did some paper tests to take some gestures and testing the contact between bleach and inks, for example, and then I paid special attention to tissues and toilet paper. Their flexibility and fragility is very interesting, because water is also fragile and ephemeral. That’s why I finally create a two – sided book with color transitions which causes a quasi-hypnotic sensation. Transitions sometimes quite obvious, or more in-depth and meticulous (finding the dominant color on the previous page, or in smaller touches for example), this book allowed me to list a lot of colors now constituting my color chart of the emotion that I felt when imaginating and listening to the sound of the fountain. I found it interresting to work more in the abstract side of the inks, but probably for the next project I will work more with drawing in black and white. I wanted to leave my drawings “pure”, without additions of other techniques.

The three poems that I did in Integrative seminar helped me a lot to find my inspiration. Combining text on one side and artistic technic on the other makes more sense to me. I find this experience incredible because I am not used to call my senses this way, and especially my hearing. And also because I think that between the real sound and the final project , a tremendeous gap can be explained by my imagination and the desire to find myself in the subject. I remember that the sound of the fountain was so relaxing and full of serenity but my transcription is more about my personality and the creative vision that have of things.


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