Eyes without a Face (Part 2)



The writing on the collar is one that moves Konstanze very deeply. As books and poetry are a large part of her life, this passage by Javon Johnson ‚Cuz he’s black‘ is a large part of her passion towards the struggle against injustice and against African American oppression, a topic which she had she has a lot of literature in her room concerning such. When I read the letters that are hung up on her walls, she and her friends discussed several pieces of literature, mostly concerning Angela Davis, Jane Rhys, Toni Morrison. The short passage by Javon Johnson concerns the relationship between education in areas of poverty and police brutality against people of color in the U.S. The passage will be closest to her heart.

The writing on the sleeves is a letter by Tupac Shakur to Madonna, written as he served his sentence in prison which was recently released. Tupac one of her favorite artists and furthermore a poet that combined poetry with music and hiphop as a means to communicating his message to the people. In the letter written, he breaks up from Madonna, explaining that he feels as if he was putting inequities upon his people if he was dating a white women while trying to get a message of Afro-American unity across. The last part of the letter advises Madonna to be cautious, because she is valuable as a successful artist and woman. Konstanze thinks that this is one of importance, to take the strength to strive towards your goal yet be cautious when relying on other peoples impact. The passage is on her sleeve because it acts as a daily reminder, one of poetry and music yet acknowledgement to discrimination and caution, passion and strength when trying to pursue a goal.

The pocket inside meant for books is one of female-liberation and education. It serves as a juxtaposition between male and female fashion. On the pocket it is written in german a reminder of perception and paying attention. It is a reminder that you see with your consciousness and not with your eyes. To see and observe it takes more that the technical part of seeing, it takes an active member of society; someone who is woke.

  • The writing on the pocket inside of the coat :

  • The writing on the collar :


We decided to do these works collaboratively because we are both interested in fashion, and we are so different that we thought interesting to work in pair because we can learn from the other’s experience.

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