Initial reflections for Dérive

First ideas when I came to the Jardin des Tuileries :

When I entered the garden, I wanted to stroll spontaneously around and see what would drop my attention. I had no plan of where to go but I was directly attracted by the sounds. I started to take pictures of small details, but secondly I thought that my imagination and creativity will be pushed if I use the recording technic, than using simple photos. At first, I observed the fountain meticulously and the movements in the water. I was bewitched by the fountain because I started to associate the discontinuity of the water that falls hastily, the circular movement of the little waves, and the sounds.

I started recording the sounds of the water, and videos in different area around the fountain because every recording was completely different depending on the wind or the people walking around. I will use the sensibility, unicity and authenticity of every recording, and try to transcribe the feelings that I feel listening to these tapes. What I would love to present as a final project, would be something that is understandable only if I explain it, because feelings are really personal.

Sketches of my first creating a tissues sewn book :

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