Modernise remake Part 1


First draft :


Bust of Henri III

Inspiration, serie of photograph representing cracked surfaces :




My intentions :

Taking a photograph to reinterpret the really famous bust of Henri III. The photo is obscure, so I tried to convey the same atmosphere with the dark background and the marine blue sweater. The face is pale, the posture of the face and the expression on the eyes are quite similar to the original painting. The age and the characteristics of the face, as well as the bear, look pretty similar to the painting.

I decided to use this first try and change it into a more modern photograph, by making this boy wearing an actual fashionable bomber with japanese embroideries (synonym of royalty at the time of henri III) but representing dragons because the asian culture started to really interest european society in term of fashion but also is lots of other fields. The marine bleu and white stripes are also really modern and replace the “fraise” ruffs of henri III.

To go further I wanted to keep the cracked aspect of the original old painting that really interest me, and divert the initial impression, by drawing on the face of the model and creat the same impression  of a cracked surface but graphic and actual. Nowadays, makeup plays a big role on fashion and especially runway to hilight the collections.

Sketches of my ideas :

Chosing a model and drawing lines on his face

The process of drawing on the face :

Taking lots of pictures to find the right position of the face :

Editing the picture (different shades of contrast):


The remake :

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