Initial Ideas

Brainstorming ideas :

  • Asking strangers to write something on a white sheet
  • recording voices
  • original languages
  • make it modern (making series before social media)
  • people having control over how this represent
  • up to date
  • critic ?
  • people more in control with their own representation (social media)
  • how to speak back to it ?
  • create an instagram account for the original people on the gillian wearing series, interpret, with their appearance and writing, what they would do and post on instagram
  • signs that somebody own
  • she left opened what people wanted to say



Sometimes, with our clothing, we tell things that we don’t even realise. So we had the idea of make strangers wearing a t shirt with a writing. And photoshop it by changing it and put what people actually wanted say. Putting both pictures of the person wearing it.





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