Reflections on overall progress during semester

I found the overall functioning of the course highly productive, since it is possible to improve from one course to another, as well as feedbacks of really different points of views. Individual projects have given me a lot of confidence because I’m not used to express myself on my own projects, I think it’s the hardest thing to do for an artist, as well as the language that was an obstacle at the beginning since I thought of my ideas, but I could not communicate them. Now I am much more comfortable.

Indeed, I did not necessarily think that I can progress that much after the “MANAA” I did in Paris last year, while I realized that art is the area that allows the most to express and never get bored : I really found my way. Doing a MANAA last year allows me to progress faster this year and not feel overwelmed. In art, quite everything is renewed and it is easy to create works that people did not realize before, but difficult to achieve something innovative.

Initially I dreaded group work, since I am rather introverted in the work and it is difficult for me to reflect by keeping a part of my personality in the group work, while listening to others. A lot of the group work was challenging for me at the beginning and that’s what allowed me to progress further. Normally, I like to stay in my comfort zone, plan everything, do everything in advance, change nothing at the last minute. It is this type of work that changes habits that make the most progress in my opinion.

It is difficult to see from the student point of view that the organization of the courses was really planned, so that the student can be accompanied throughout the semester, and that the projects are organized on purpose so that there are in continuity, and so the work will be the most prolific. 

Now, I notice that all the projects have covered a lot of aspects, sometimes general, sometimes more targeted, in depth, and that they allow us in the end a broader vision of the art, under different mediums …

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