Project Deconstruction

” My Space Representation (Material)” – Space and materiality

This project involved a lot of research to figure out how to finally make my project personal. We had to make a material Space Representation of something that we care. At first, I focused on what type of material I wanted to use for my project because to me, using unconventional mediums is key in a way that it makes the project exciting. I was thinking about using string to represent the emptiness of a space by winding them in an hazardous manner on a square iron structure. Also, I thought about using the shiny gold side of the emergency blanket, that I already used for the previous project, to divert the appearance of a desert, dear to my childhood. My thirst idea was to represent my dream place in the clouds by using cotton but I thought that it was not enough concrete.


I) The sources that generated my ideas was the exhibit “Pop Art” at musée Maillot :

Jim Dine, A Black Shovel, Number 2, 1962

Allan D’arcangelo, June Moon 1963, 1969

Allan D’Arcangelo, Landscape 1969, 1969

Jasper Johns, Target with Four Faces, 1968


While I was visiting the exposition “Pop Art” at Musée Maillol, I was inspired by some artists that were already revisiting different types of road signs. For this “material part” I wanted to relate to the part of my childhood where I was intrigued by sounds in the street of Paris and especialy sounds of cars or roadworks, but also to this place in a park. I would like to use a signaling plot that can appear at first banal, unremarkable, but that have something inside when we look at the hole on the top, it would create an effect of surprise.


So I started to look for elements that we see everyday but we don’t pay attention to. Personally, since I am super young, I am really attracted by elements in the street than can at first appear banal but are  in some way esthetic. So the first obstacle was to find public signs, and to not steal them in the street. I found a warehouse near my city with old deteriorated and unusable objects so I was able to get some.


II) Special interest about road sign (here are some objects that I collected in my garden) :



Than, after getting all the material that I needed, I had to think about how to really and concretely create this personal universe. So i started to think about sounds witch is a technique that I never used before so I needed to figure out what sounds and how to introduce that in my project. I struggle to find how to dispose the speaker so that It is enough loud and it didn’t distract the vision so i decided to put it inside of the cone.


III) Particular attention to sounds :



My first idea concerning the cone :


I was struggling to structure my final idea. I didn’t no If I wanted to draw on the wall inside of the cone or create some kind of volume like a maquette inside. I wanted something that would surprise the public. Also, I had another ideas, something to add to the project : to record sounds of nature and having lots of different recordings, I would choose the one that is the most relevant of those that I heard during my childhood (wind, water, birds…). I tried different experimentations with sounds and it is really interesting how it react when it is put inside of the object. It makes the performance even more interesting because the public has to listen to it one by one, by putting their hear in the hole.


My final idea concerning the cone :


I sketched my final idea even if I really struggled to choose one way. I wanted to represent a space of my childhood that is really important to me because it represents a park that I have been many times when I was young and were I am still going today. I didn’t see it the same way before as far as I was really “naive”. Now I can see the progressive deterioration of nature.


Studying different black and white drawing technics :

(indian ink / sensitive lines / “trames”…)


My final drawing (65 x 50 cm) :

  • The entire page


  • Some details


The drawing inside the cone :







I wanted to create a private universe of my childhood space by putting an extremely detailed drawing of nature mixing different black and white technics, that a remembrance of when I was young. The part of the drawing that is the closest to the large cercle is really detailed, and the more it goes to the bottom, the more it becomes dark and thick. I am showing up the issue of today where society rejects this complacency and carelessness of the environment. Thats why I kept the exterior of the cone really damaged by the street, I didn’t wanted to restore it, so it shows how today it doesn’t bother lot’s of people to destroy our world.


Figuring out how to manage the performance in class :

I imagined the project as a performance to the extend that at first, when we see this industrial deteriorate cone from the outside, we can’t know what It is hiding. So I decided to create a sound system inside of nature recordings of this childhood place. We can hear the sound of nature with the wind and the birds that are blossomed in their space. I am in a way giving a voice to them but confine, imprisoned, sequestered inside. I will play the recording at first so that people will try to understand what is going on, and try to guess what is inside. I thought that it was interesting to represent a space by creating an extreme contradiction between nature and street, I thought It would highlight more my ideas. During the performance the cone would be placed in the middle of an empty room (ideally), and people would come inside and be surprised by the sounds, they can put their ears on the hole of the cone to hear better because it would not be to loud. Than a little sign with my name and the name of the project would be placed on the wall and would invite people to touch and turn the cone to reveal the drawing inside.


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