Thesis Proposal


Social street

Reclaimed objects represent an interesting way for the futur to approach fashion : recycling what we already own instead of making again. In this creative work, I want to better understand the role of unconventional materials, especially those found on the street and inspired by the street. First of all, I will experiment on how it is physically possible to create a garment only by using unconventional recyclable materials. I decide to use atypical material to work with such as tape, to challenge myself and try my best to find new ways to consider fashion as a “zero waste” way to create.

I would like to start by a serie of pictures featuring where I found these unconventional objects and there first use. Grapping the more material I can, I will then do a selection. After experimenting, I will adapt myself to the capacity, adaptability, behavior of the materials. I have to really dive into the properties of the materials and try to successfully transform them into some kind of fabric, so it is wearable. I find important to consider why rehabilitation in fashion can support a social, political, ethical and/or sustainable cause. I want to find my way to use these atypical material so that it supports the right message.

At the end I will create a capsule collection using mainly street reclaimed materials. I hope to find my personal experimental evolution threw my creations : from a literal use of the material, without changing the perception, using it as it is, to a complete invention of a material, starting from nothing. I hope to prove that diverting the primary function of street related materials, by making these textile wearable, will allow me to support a social message.

Plans / List of reclaimed materials

Alluminium foil jacket
Currugated iron skirt
Corrugated iron belt
Emergency blanket bag

Signling banner and pearl bralette

Long transparent coat
Transparent dress with color samples and their names
Banane bag

Sangle / straps top
Sangle vest (not same sangle)

List of other materials

Stockman (mannequin)

Second hand clothes

Sewing kit



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