Feedback from the critic

During the studio feedback, I understood that I should highlight the method and the process of making the garments during the final presentation. I could install my garments on hangers with a wall behind full of images showing the street, my inspirations, my sketches, my first pictures showing the process, how I changed the shapes on the mannequin, the color skim … In the end, the wall installation will relate to the actual garment in front, making more sens for the viewer.

I had also an other idea of the final presentation that would be to ask 3 women to wear my looks in the street so the viewer really understand the primary environment of the materials and how I appropriate the street recovered materials creating my signature.

I also understood during the critic that I should insist on the contradiction and complementarity of the old delicate craftmentship of my pieces (embroidery, molding technique) and the industrial trash found on the street.


During the oral presentation, I think that I should really explain my goal through this collection, which is not only experimenting with material and finding my way as a designer but also adding strong social messages to my pieces like the “fragile” tape vest” that I did.

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