Superhero Photographs of the Black Lives Matter Movement

¬† You think after all these battles, revolutions, change, arguments of our past … why haven’t we stopped caring about difference? Black Lives Matter Movement wasn’t just about defending the racism that African Americans/ Blacks are facing today, but it is for the equality of all races, to stand up and show that we are not in the colonial times anymore but in the 21st century. I chose this photo because it was iconic, powerful, royal, graceful, and disturbing. The woman standing here shows so much power, she didn’t need any force or weapon to prove her point. Even though she was sturdy on her feet, she must have been frighten to stand there thinking she might be killed or beat, she knew that if nothing happened the whole movement would be to waste. Humans like conflict it’s what we do best. ¬†People can’t see that conflict won’t solve anything, it’ll just tear everything apart.

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