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Integrated Studio: Bridge Project 3: Integrated Pieces

“The brain, clearly, is capable of changing even in adulthood, and I assumed that Hulls experi- ence was typical of acquired blindness—the re- sponse, sooner or later, of everyone who becomes blind, even in adult life.”–OLIVER SACKS


“I had a dream this morning, and I could recall it clearly with images but not as vivid as it was when I was sleeping. ”


“If we are sighted, we build our own images, using our eyes, our visual information, so in- stantly and seamlessly that it seems to us we are experiencing “reality” itself.”–OLIVER SACKS


“I was walking on a plateau where hills and mountains around go up and down, on and on to the horizon.”


“Sometimes in my mind men and women appeared without heads or fingers.”–OLIVER SACKS


“And I remember in the dream that I kept questioning myself: what does you see?”


“At this level, one can no longer say of one’s mental landscapes what is visual, what is audi- tory, what is image, what is language, what is intellectual, what is emotional—they are all fused together and imbued with our own indi- vidual perspectives and values.”–OLIVER SACKS


“is it big? is it tall?”


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