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Sustainable system–observation

Sustainable system–observation

This observation was made in The New School Library.

It was a partially cloudy afternoon, we sustainable system students were asked for the first time to make an observation of a space/object which can be related to any system. I knew where to go. The space in the school library, where those cozy couches were at, in front of the huge window with the view of the 5th avenue. It has been my favorite spot in the library for a long time.

The air in the library was very comfortably chill and dry thanks to the AC and the penetrating sunlight from the window. I could hear the city operating below the building, vaguely filtered by the quietness of the library. I saw buildings, cars, people, water towers standing tall above; beyond the window, they all appear so indifferent for me, as if I was an outsider gazing into another strange universe.

I felt a sense of belonging and a sense of detachment. I belong to the class I took, to The New School, and of course to the New York City, as if I were a tiny water drop in this ocean of big dreams and opportunities. Yet the detachment struck me as I realize the separation between me and my classmates, the other parts of the school which I have never set foot on, and the busyness I saw below the building; we all dream different dreams, as we all walk in different shoes.

To this ocean whether or not I am a part of, my existence creates ripples, no matter how significant or unnoticeable. It is the thousands of people like me that constructed the waves and current. It is our interaction with each other feedback to ourselves that rendered our own shape, which we’ll carry along and shape the world.

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