Reflection on the Muslin

I patterned my T-shirt for this Muslin piece, first is to practice my skill in sewing and second is because T-shirt is pretty much a unisex item that we normally wear these days. As I patterned, I redesigned the shirt, with one long sleeve and one short sleeve. I related back to my fashion illustration design, which I created several patterns in lines to represent the idea of simply and gender fluidity style. I added them by hand sewing on my piece, with little details and pattern.

By sewing this piece, I learned how to sew a sleeve on to a shirt. Since I have never sew a garment before, I found myself being challenged through the process, but I made it and the end! I think it’s quite easy to sew the pieces together, but it’s hard to sew them perfectly attach to each other. I would like to learn more about different sewing techniques by using not just the industrial machine. Since I’m planning to make a coat for my final project, I would like to see a different style coat than general garment.


Welcome to my world.

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