a     d i f f e r e n t     p e r s p e  c  t  i  v    e   






Everyone has different perspectives. We all see differently and feel differently. Two people can look at the exact same thing and see something that is totally different. What you look at and where you look from determines what you see. The moment you’ve decided to look at things differently, the moment things begin to change. Even the tiniest change in perspective allows you to experience something familiar in a whole new way.

Paris has never felt unfamiliar to me even though I’m not familiar with the city. I have always been excited and passionate about exploring around the city until at some point, I somehow stopped appreciating the city. The city doesn’t fascinate me anymore. Or maybe I’ve just taken it for granted.

I tried to search for inspiration, tried. The idea of doing a dérive is interesting, I was just neither motivated nor inspired, unfortunately. Even until I got inspiration for my project, I still was nor a satisfied. The process, however, changed the way I look at things. Despite the fact of still being uninspired, I came to observe things more thoroughly. I couldn’t see a lot but I looked hard at what I see. I observed people, their appearance, expressions, apparels, accessories. I wondered about their stories. Embracing myself into the city, I began to notice more and feel more. I paid more attention to my surroundings instead of focusing on a screen.


                                                     p o t e n t i a l      d i r e c t  i  o   n     s 


o n e :               P a r i s    t h r o u g h    a    w a t e r    b o t t l e 


                                                                                                  A water bottle is something that I always carry with me, and somehow it became my lens to view the city 


































      t w o  :                        P r i m a r y    c o l o u r s    i n    P a r i s 


                                                       Black, grey and white are my preferred palettes. I love colours but I don’t always prefer them. I always go with the neutrals. Yet, ever since I got to Paris, I began to adore primary colours. They stand out to me amongst typical surrounding and grabs my attention unconsciously.






















                                                                                d e v e l o  p   m   e     n     t 





                      overlaid photographs on acetate paper in front of a white background  




                         overlaid photographs on acetate paper in front of a window 



                       individual photographs on acetate paper in front of a white background 

  • I have also experienced the images on glossy photo paper. However, the result was not satisfying as it took away the uniqueness of the images



                       individual photographs on acetate paper in front of a window 



I love the outcome of the transparency in the images as it seems to imitate the sight through the water bottle in a way.




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