Kombucha (week 3)

This week, I have noticed that the bacteria is now growing with layers and how they are growing is not very regular. Between the layers, some are thicker and brighter than the other ones. Also, depending on the side of the container you are looking at, it changes the color, the thickness, and the movement. For example, in one of the corners, the layers are not together as the other ones. As well as the layers are growing, they have threads are coming out of them.

Additionally, on some sides of the container, it has like a darker color, like brown. As far as can I see is like a set of threads of the fabric, maybe.

There is a weird bump in the top. It seems like it is the fabric absorbing the water. From outside the container, the texture of the fabric on the top looks very irregular and slobbery; like something you would not want to touch.

The temperature the container have been very regular during these weeks, a line between warm and cold. Also, as the bacteria is growing and being more thicker, I have noticed that the color of the fabric is turning more clear.


I put the heating mat this morning to see if it could grow faster. Now (at night), I arrive home and though that I left a banana in the garbage (because of the smell), it was really disgusting. I added masking tape to the whole cap of the container to try to keep the smell inside of it. Since I put the heating mat, the container is obviously warm.

The layers keep changing of thickness and its positioning in relation to the others.

Kombucha (week 1)

Day 1
We made the kombucha from the kit. I really disliked how the scoby looks and smells like. After finishing the process, we placed the container under a desk, very warm place.

Day 2, 3, 4
The color of the tea really does not help to see how the scoby is growing.

Day 5
As I can not open it, from outside the container I am starting to see something black, the size is like half of the box.

Artist Statement

My name is Ana Maria Lopez Pellerano, I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. I’m a Communication Design junior transfer student at Parsons. The fields of design that I like the most are typography, lettering and pattern-design, but I’m opened-minded to expand my skills and knowledge as an artist and designer.

I like making mistakes, I believe am a work in progress who is enjoying the process. My attitude toward mistakes and trial and error have led me to the philosophy my sister once said to me: You have to see beyond your skin. This short phrase summarizes and reminds me of how the most important things are often hidden. This is why I am always observing my surroundings in search of inspiration, and taking differents points of view to the experiences I am involved.

Due to my approach in understanding and witnessing the fluctuations in life, I believe that perfection does not exist. However, I consider that a piece can always be better. Furthermore, feedback and critique can help me shape it, something that I always look forward to because I can absorb the knowledge of the people I interact with.

What I enjoy the most is making craft projects and giving them a handwritten and human sensitive feeling. I consider that these qualities are the ones which embrace the essence of the piece. Even though I feel I was born in the Victorian era because of my passion and appreciation to ornaments, I always do my best to experiment with different techniques, because these qualities should be project driven.

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