Field work essay / Restricted

I plan to confront my parents and confess to them all the sneaking around that I have done through the past three years. I have never been open with my parents and I am curious to see how a child who has always had a closed and off relationship with their parents will grow to an open relationship. I am also curious to see how my parents will react. This fieldwork is quiet different, but I think the final piece will be very interesting, as a designer and as a daughter. Who knows, maybe I will inspire a few other children to be open and honest with their parents. I would like to tell my parents separately because I feel that I can really connect better one on one than separately. I plan to tell my father first just because I feel that he has a more modern understanding that my mother. I want to take my father to a small quiet cafe because if he does get angry he won’t be able to yell in fear of making a scene.

In my opinion, I am doing the right thing by being honest with my parents. It would be wrong of me to record the conversation especially since it is a very private conversation. I might consider recording it.
I will prepare a list of things to tell my parents and from there I will try to make a mental note of their reactions. I researched the best way to open up to your parents and that is to be calm and collective to show how mature you are.  My goal is to have a better relationship with my parents in general.  I hope to inspire other to open and be honest with their family. I have decided that I will write my fieldwork as either an experimental observation or an interview.


I decided to create a short film and present myself as the yolk of an egg. The chef, special thanks to Eric for letting me use him in my film, was represented as the parent whose goal was to restrict me. This is what led to me to call the film, “Ristricted”. I had such a fun time filming this project. It really made me broden my perspective, I thought I could never make my own movie!

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