Peer to Peer/ Seminar

For this project, I was assignment to write up an interviews with one of my peer’s Alter Ego from the perspective of my own Alter Ego. I had to prepare of set of questions based on my Alter Ego from my studio class, which happened to be a young adventurous traveler. This idea is based on my boyfriend who has always taken me on little adventures. He has shared stories of himself doing all these crazy things when he was younger and I just really find that life style very interesting. The writing process was surprisingly fun. I would have never imagined myself doing something like this, it was almost like a stress reliever. I do wish I could have improved my grammar though, I realized too late that I had made silly mistakes that could have easily been dodged.
I did really enjoy the assignment though. I found it very interesting basing my writing on another perspective. I also found it surprisingly difficult. My goal was too interest the reader in my life, show them what I found so interesting in the first place. I thought the assignment could have gone better if I wasn’t challenged with such a hard peer’s perspective, which was not a female or an male, so I had difficulties with mixing up she, he, and it.

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