Timeless Time : Time Map

“Complete photography, fabrication and assembly of the Time Map Project. Remember to consider the elements of time we are focusing on during this project- Sequence and Duration (as well as over all legibility.)”
Kenneth Millington introduced this assignment as our first project to our Time class. I was already feeling nervous about starting the new semester with more than a few unfamiliar faces. To make it even worse, due to weather complications, I arrived a class late and I could tell that everyone was already up to speed, everyone but me of course. I had taken a few disappointing photos before the class, in an effort to catch up. I read the class blog before and read “Often, simple is better”. I decided to take photographs of someone tying there shoe. How much simpler can it get?

When I showed my professor the work I had done the night before, I was surprised just how understanding he was. He didn’t make me feel like the work I had done was shameful as some of my previous professors had done in the past. He carried on helping me shape my idea into a more concrete one. Thus, my final idea was created. I decided that I would make a time map on someone smoking a cigarette and create cigarette box to present it. My goal was to capture raw images of someone smoking in the comfort of the their own home. I didn’t want to make it too “posed”. When I successfully captured the images I wanted, I moved on to the next step which was creating the cigarette box. I found this the most difficult step. I luckily found a template online. So I just changed the measurement to make it slightly bigger. After I finally got the perfect cigarette box, I rolled up each of my photos to copy a cigarette, and numbered them in order. After many trials, I had my final piece done. Even though I was applauded for my final piece, I was booed for my presentation. Next time, I need to let the audience discover my project on their own.


IMG_1421 IMG_14220P3A03860P3A03940P3A04050P3A04110P3A04140P3A04170P3A04180P3A04190P3A04220P3A04270P3A04290P3A04270P3A04290P3A0434

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