Karl Lagerfeld Sketches

Karl Lagerfeld is known as the Prince of fashion. He is currently the head designer and creative director of Chanel and Fendi. Karl Lagerfeld is considered one of the best fashion designers due to his ability to be informed of time. “I like papers more than screens” Karl states in an interview with “The Business of Fashion”. Lagerfeld believes that every Era has its mark, and he successfully records each moment in time with his sketches. He believes that one of the reasons that he has continuously been so successful in fashion is because he is constantly analyzing different moments in time to be able to adjust to new designs. Karl Lagerfeld’s sketches from the 1960s were auctioned on January 11, 2014. Each page was estimated to be worth a minimum of 500 dollars. Every piece was sold. article-2531895-1A5C5B1500000578-819_634x365



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