Pablo Picasso Sketchbook

One of my favorite sketchbooks of all time has to be the ones owned by Pablo Picasso. They attract my attention so much because you can tell that each page was never clearly depicted of his thought. Each page owns a different story, almost like a single puzzle piece to his life. “The sketchbook show the mixed order and chaos of this inventiveness: a methodical, diary-like approach on the one hand, a trial-and-error exploration of new ideas on the other. The facility with which his pen, pencil, chalk, or crayon plays with an image rarely lapses. But when it does, his pursuit of the unresolved expresses a kind of urgent awkwardness.” I have grown to love my messy sketches and notes in my sketchbooks. I used to hate them, they were just a constant reminder of a failed attempt for an image. After taking a look at Picasso sketchbook, I happily dot down every thought and image that pops in my mind, in an effort to one day create my own puzzle piece.




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