Time 3 Series Photo: Foreplay

The goal for this assignment was to select one example for each of the three categories (Frozen moment, Long exposure, and Continuous moment). Despite the fact that I am currently majoring in photography, I have never had the opportunity or learning environment to fully understand the different settings on a camera. As a result, I have always been more capable working with an automatic setting. Granted, I was a little nervous. Fortunately, my professor, Kenneth Millington, was incredibly understanding and extremely supportive , and did not hesitate to teach me the skills I needed. I was taught various different types of formats for each photograph for which was willingly prepared to exit my comfort zone.

Subsequently, my inspiration for this project was actually found by simply playing around with the camera settings. Whilst I was researching the art of frozen moments, I found that the use of water was an underlying theme. As our series had to be consistent, I wanted to create something that revolved around the properties of water on an anonymous male figure. In capturing personal photographs, I seize the audience’s attention, despite the fact that it makes the audience uncomfortable. Intimacy in itself is a taboo subject, therefore by allowing general publicity of an otherwise private relationship, a viewer would relate personal experiences to the photograph, therefore making a more individual interpretation. I decided to base my photographs on the period before intimacy, the startup. Foreplay.

Frozen Moment:


Long Exposure


Continuous Moment


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