Studio Reflection

Our Studio Visual Culture class assigned our class a seven-day collage project to explore different orders of creation. That day in class, we discussed famous artist who  use collages as well as different exercises to help us achieve our goals.

I struggled to focus on starting my first collage. The tricky part of starting a collage is that you will never know what it will turn out to be. I found it difficult to create something without a visual of what I would expect it to look like. I would start it at first and then maybe get back to it an hour later. One thing that I thought would help me was to look at different examples of collages on google. But all I found was different pieces of disorder which seemed to refer back to my current state of mind. In that moment, I realized that each collage was a personal representation of your own unique personality. This led me to pick out different things that make me happy. As a photography major, I am constantly taking photographs of things that spark my attention. I printed out photos of landscapes that I miss, people that I love, and different colors that coordinated with my emotions of each photograph. By the time I had my first collage finished, I was already deciding about the subject of my next one. I learned from this project that not everything has a step by step process. This assignment exposed me to a different perspective of visual culture.

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