Graphic Novel Response

We were assigned to create a Graphic Novel for our Time Frame class. I found this concept challenging because I am no where comfortable with illustration and I wanted to try something different, since I always use photography. My first idea was to use the famous myth, “Bloody Mary”, as the story line for my graphic novel. As I started working on it, I wasn’t happy with the horror side of the story, so I decided to use the classic story, “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Andersen. I added a twist into the story, instead of the mother duckling abandoning the young swan, she opens her arms to welcome him into the family.

I found the process very difficult. I tried my hardest to draw the characters, well enough so they do not look like a childs work. My graphic novel reflect that of a Childrens book. I wanted the story to have a family message, that will inspire those to not bully or leave out.

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