Writing Prompt #1

How do you define a “Girl”?

I was raised in a very old fashion and conservative household, which emphasizes women’s role in society as lesser than that of a mans. As a child, my mother always stressed that the world was a very unfair place for a girl. So what does it mean to be a girl?

A girl is a complex term. What is is to be a girl is a simple question with infinite answers. In our society, the term “girl” is primarily depicted in a negative manner. In most cases, the term is related to weakness and inexperienced. When I was in seven years old, my mother took me out of karate because my older brother was upset that I was advancing to the boy’s department, while he struggled to advance himself. This is the first memory I have of what it is to be a girl. As I expressed my disappointment in the matter to my mother, she assured me that karate is no sport for a girl anyways.

Being a girl means that my worth and potential will always be based solely on my gender.

Being a girl means working twice as hard to prove them wrong.

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