Peer to Peer

The focus of the Peer to Peer, or Alter Ego, project was to explore the self with yourself and another. I went through a long process when deciding what my Alter Ego would be. It started with lists that had no clear focus. Ideally, I would have made list of characteristics that I wanted my character to have and then went from there. I decided on a character who was a poet by day and crime fighter by night. I am really proud of this character because it portrays exactly what I wanted it to portray. Ruth, my character, was devoted to helping people and did so by physically saving them and also emotionally saving them with her poetry. In my opinion, the interview process was a success. I learnedd a lot about my partners Alter Ego and I also feel like I improved my interview skills. Most of the conversation was done in person but some of the details were added in later to fill in gaps that i notices while typing the paper. In my studio project I made a comic of Ruth were she was depicted as fighting crime with a narration of her performing one of her poems.

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