The Game of Mancala

Goal: To collect more stones than your opponent

Core Rules:

  • Four stones are placed in each of the 12 holes in the 2×6 grid
  • Moving counter-clockwise, the first player takes the stones out of one pit and places one stone in each hole until they run out of stones
  • If you place the last stone in your hand into your pit, (wider hole on right hand side of the board) you get another turn
  • If you place the last stone in your hand in an empty hole on your side, you receive that stone and the stones opposite of that hole
  • Captured stones go into your pit
  • The game ends when one side is cleared of all stones


I think this game is fun the first few times played, but it can get boring when you get good. It’s fun because you need to think about moves beforehand as well your opponents.

I like the game the way it is. A variant could be one that was on a square board with four players.

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