To get as many points as possible by rolling five dice and getting certain combinations

Core Rules:

  • Each player has three turns rolling five dice
  • After rolling you can either score the role or re-roll any or all of the dice
  • After rolling three times you must choose a category to score
  • Scoring the dice does not have to be after the third roll
  • A “Yahtzee” is achieved by rolling a five of a kind and screaming “Yahtzee!” at the top of your lungs


  • There is an Upper and Lower Section on the scorecard
  • Once a box is scored it cannot be changed
  • The Upper Section contains the scores for total of the specified die face
  • The Lower Section scores a set amount, or zero if the rolls do not meet the scoring requirements

This game is all about chance so the beginning can be fun, but if it’s not in my favor I lose interest. My choice of how I would like to score the dice made it work in a sense. Adding a ton of more dice would definitely make the game more interesting, but not so much better because of the fact that you would have to count all them almost every turn.

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