Ethnography Reflection

I took an interest in the way people used their hands, specifically with gloves. When coding my notes, the word “gloves” came up often. I observed people in the park for a second time, this time focusing on the use of gloves

I do not think my presence impacted what I observed. Walking around me would be the only thing I would affect, and it did not directly affect what people did with their hands/gloves.

The only obstacle I faced was movement. It was difficult at times to observe ones hands while they quickly walked past me.

From what I observed, I found that those who are on their phones do not wear gloves, or they take them off to use their phone. I also observed this when watching those on the benches that lined the grass areas. The people sitting there were not wearing gloves because they were either reading, eating, or on their phone. One-handed use of gloves was common near the market, where one would take off just one glove to buy an item or place items into a bag. Those who I found always wore gloves were older women, and children. On the other hand, older men tended to not wear gloves.

I’ve come to the conclusion that gloves obstruct natural touch, and most people value natural touch over that with a glove. I for one find it difficult to wear gloves because it takes away my sense of touch. I find the senses in general interesting, but especially touch because hands are so unique and one can learn a lot about someone through their hands.

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