Disappearing Proposal

I would minimize my room as much I could, only leaving the necessities. Sometimes when the younger children, ages 3-5, are over, they like to play in my room. Leaving nothing for them to play with, or taking my artwork off of the wall, suggests that it is a neutral environment, one that is not occupied for the most part. – My “Disappearance Guide” Essay

In “How to Disappear in America”, Evan Ratliff talks about the personal connections that were made and that those connections helped people find his location. In applying this to myself, and my disappearance efforts, I am choosing to depict my room in a manner that it is no longer an embodiment of myself. I have neighbors that would come over my house and play in my room or take my colored pencils to draw with. Taking away my personal affects and simply organizing my room in such a way that it looks like no one lives in it could help aid in my “disappearance”.

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  1. Jen · March 7, 2016 Reply

    good – fuse a bit more of the seminar info in and follow the prompt more closely – see this post http://portfolio.newschool.edu/kella734/2016/03/07/studio-designing-my-disappearance/comment-page-1/#comment-2

    there also seems to be spacial issues – ie built environment, sight lines, daily routes – perhaps look at mapping these things together?

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