To “disappear”, I would minimize my room as much I could, only leaving the necessities. Sometimes when the younger children, ages 3-5, are over, they like to play in my room. Leaving nothing for them to play with, or taking my artwork off of the wall, suggests that it is a neutral environment, one that is not occupied for the most part. – My “Disappearance Guide” Essay


I took an illustrative approach to this project, recreating scenes from my room as if I were to actually disappear from it. Disappearing from my neighborhood, while still living at home, would be a challenge but it could still be done. One of the issues I arrived at was with the children in the neighborhood. Their age ranges from 3-5 and whenever they are over my house they like to play in my room. If I am going to “disappear”, I need to take most of my personal affects out of room. This includes posters, papers, books, shoes, and anything that could tell someone that I have been there.

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