Cheryl Donegan: System Evaluation



The immediate systems that I noticed were the obvious ones such as her use of film, fashion, relation to the art and fashion worlds, but most of all the use recombination. Recombination was a word used in her bifold paper, I believe. I took this to mean the recycling and incorporation of previous projects into new works. Applying this to her film and paintings, I realized that Donegan constantly engaged in 3-dimensional work.


I noticed that she had three dimensional pieces such as the masks. Reading the bi-fold from her exhibit brought to light her use of three dimensional aspects in her paintings as well as actually objects. By transferring one idea into the other, Donegan recombines her ideas alter or create new artwork. I applying this to my own mapping. I made a collage of Donegans actually 3D pieces, such as her masks, and added her 3D paintings as a way to “recombine” her incorporated pieces.




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