Withdrawal from a System

My “disappearance” involves discarding personal affects from my room. The result of this can effect not only my family but my neighbors as well. If I remove most of my personal affects from my room, to make it look like I do not use it often, my siblings will not be able to use my things. This can include makeup, clothes, art supplies, etc. As a result, they will most likely have to buy replacements, if they are unable to find those items elsewhere, ultimately resulting in better business for the local stores in my area.

Without objects, such as colored pencils, in my room, my 5 and 9 year-old neighbors will not be able to color when they are over my house. The mostly likely conclusion that can be drawn from this is that they will not like me anymore because I am simply the supplier of art supplies. Similar to this, if I am not around as often, I will not be able to see them. Since the youngest is 5, it is easier for her to forget people that she hasn’t seen in a while. Since I also have a twin, my neighbor will probably revert back to not knowing the difference between us.

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