Presentation: Ladder Golf


Ladder Golf

Also known as:

-Hillbilly Golf

-Ladder Game

-Lasso Golf



-Cowboys used snakes to throw at fences or tree branches for points

-Discovered by Matt Peterson on campgrounds in the early 1990’s.

-Robert G. Reid, a man who had played the game with his family for decades, filed for a patent in November 1999.

-Sold patent to Ladder Golf LLC



Players throw strings that have two weighted balls on each end at a vertical board that contain three horizontal bars.

Plastic- sways when thrown at it

Wood- no give


Two people:

-One ladder board

-Each player has three “bolas”

-Alternate turns tossing it at the board

-Whoever scored gets to go throw first after the initial throw


-Two Ladder boards

-Each board has a member from each team throwing


-Top bar is three points, middles is two points, and bottom is 1

-Cancellation means that the players points cancel out

-Noncancellation, they don’t cancel out

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