Games 3: Super Intense Matching Game

2 Player Game-


  • Clear your opponents set of cards before they clear yours


  • Each player has one deck of cards
  • Each player lays six cards, face up, in front of them and one card face up in the middle
  • Each player will hold their deck face down in their hand, these cards will be turned three at a time, onto a face up stack forming the players waste pile


  • The players simultaneously, as fast as they can, flip their cards three at a time
  • Each time the three cards are flipped, the top card is what you focus on
  • If the top card matches any of your opponents cards (suits do not matter), you take the opponents card that matches the top card you drew
  • Once you run out of cards, you pick up your waste pile and begin again, using the same three-at-a-time method


  • Each player must first match one of the two cards in the middle before trying to math any of the six opponent cards
  • If you see that your opponent has drawn a card that matches one of your six, you may quickly cover that card with your hand, making you opponent unable to steal your card
  • If your hand is already touching a card that you are going to steal, your opponent may not place their hand above yours or attempt to take the card away from you
  • The game ends when a player has lost all six of their face-up cards
  • The winner is the remaining player

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