The Murder of Bigfoot

Quoted from journal entries:

“It was early one morning and i was doing my Bigfoot rounds as usual, you never know when he’ll turn up again. Anyway, I heard a loud crash while on my way into the woods and ran towards it. It just had to have something to do with Bigfoot, these woods are remote. I also heard a deep gurgling and moans that could only have come from  Bigfoot. It took me a while to find it, but I found what I believe to be a crash site. Here is my theory on what happened:

Bigfoot was probably minding his own business, he’s a creature of solitude (Evidence: I took a cast of his footprint in the mud). Then, an alien UFO crashed, landing on top of him and ultimately killing him (Evidence: Red blood (Bigfoots), alien blood (blue)). I can only assume that the blue liquid was alien blood. It had to be a crash because the sound was so loud and there was blood. I also found a small amount of Bigfoot hair. I know it’s Bigfoot hair because I have many samples and they easily compare. I also can across two teeth, the right size to be Bigfoots. All of this evidence suggests that it was aliens that crash landed on top of Bigfoot, killing him. They obviously took the body to hide the crime. I know the authorities might want to investigate this so I’ve taken upon myself to collect all of the evidence.”


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  1. Paul · February 25, 2018 Reply

    This is great, Lacey! Please also provide your research, sketches, and earlier draft writing–process stuff–so I can evaluate that along with the assignment. Oh, and give the written portion one more proof read.

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