Villain, Victim, Hero

Villain, Victim, Hero

The following busts are of three notorious criminals, located in the Intergalactic Criminal Museum.


Name: Zo

Height/Weight: 6ft, 276 lbs.

Species/Planet: Slitheen, Gliese 581 e located in the constellation Libra.

Location: The Intergalactic Penitentiary

Charges: Murder and Cannibalism. Count: Unknown. Subject destroyed his entire planet.

Containment Protocol: Mental Health Facility within the Penitentiary. Subject is under lock down for the remainder of his being. Under constant watch through militarized control.

Name: Valcyon

Height/Weight: 20 ft, 2500 lbs.

Species/Planet:  Giant-kind, Keplar 10c

Location: The Intergalactic Penitentiary

Charges: Psychologically manipulation leading to deaths of prominent leaders in the Draco constellation.

Containment Protocol: Under permanent sedation.

Name: Unknown;

Alias: Psi’loh

Height/Weight: 5’7”, 185 lbs.

Species/Planet: Unknown

Location: The Intergalactic Penitentiary

Charges: Contract Killing. Over 200+ known murders.

Containment Protocol: None, subject is deceased.

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