Memory Mask High School

This mask is representative of a high school memory. The memory I chose was during high school, my dad had to work out of state so naturally I filled his role in the house. I was the cook, the mentor, the one who my family members leaned on, and also fourteen. For my mask I created a replica of the hat my dad used to wear, but in my version I added fabric and text to describe my high school memories. I also added a fish netting to cover the face to represent the fact that I was trying to fill his role, but essentially ended up in his shadow. It is his hat, and his role, but it is my take on it. In trying to fill this role, I ended up finding myself instead. The fabric all along the mask is representative of my journey through art and finding myself as a person and a fashion designer. There are mostly neutral fabrics all along the hat to represent fabrics I would typically sew with, and pieces of bright fabrics are scattered through to show the emotions I had when sewing. I found not only an escape in art, but some of my happiest high school memories are sitting in my room sewing things for the fashion shows I was a part of or sewing just to create. I created the base of the hat out of recycled Whole Foods bags, hot glue, and tape. Then I placed the cut up fabric all over the hat, and finished the piece by adding the netting mask, and the band with the words. Technically I used sculpture techniques, sewing, collage, and painting. Overall this is a very representative mask full of my high school memories.  

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