A Gift For Sebz

For this project, we were assigned to make a gift for a partner based on them. I created a jumpsuit for Sebz full of symbolism. Starting with the form itself, her favorite things to wear are jumpsuits, and her favorite color is royal blue so I created a royal blue jumpsuit. She was telling me a moving story about her religious beliefs in Islam and how her connection with God makes her feel safe. So I created a jumpsuit with a hood to symbolize her connection with religion. She can carry it with her and have it protect her like a hood would. It combines her religious beliefs and contemporary fashion. The color royal blue is also symbolic of religious deities. I turned her into her own avatar. First I drew the sketch, then I created a flat pattern based of her measurements, and then I got to sewing. I made the base without the hood first, has her try it on, and then finished the edges and added the final touches. Finally, we did an amazing photoshoot and put together a mood board with the explanation of her personality and how it is an avatar for her. The top part has swatches of the fabric to create the jumpsuit. The first panel explains her love for coffee, and the rest are insights into her personality that she told me about in our interview. This is an avatar for an avatar in the form of a jumpsuit.

Final Mood Board and Explination

First Sketch

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