Sexual Stages of Relationships in the 21st Century Emojis

Set of Emojis

Final Illustrator Emojis 😉

For my section of the classes emojis I got assigned to create a set of sexual stages of relationships in emojis. I decided to make the emojis a commentary on commonalities in stages of relationships in the twenty first century specifically with the college age group. For example, the emoji with the rainbow hearts is to show the fully accepting nature of my generation and age group. Doesn’t matter who you are or who you like you are excepted with love. The I love you signs are to show the common theme of hanging cards and pictures of your significant other or loved ones on your wall usually on a clothes line and pinned up to a wall. The emoji with the man and the woman taking the money out of his pocket is to show the common theme of young girls having a sugar daddy to provide for them. The others are self explanatory actions and my version of satire towards my generation and their ideas of casual relationships that they don’t even call relationships at all. I chose to draw them by hand all fitting within two by two inch squares with markers and watercolor pencils.

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