Meditation Ritual Project Contribution

For this project my group and I created a meditation themed ritual inspired but internal healing. For my section of the project I am the main performer and costume designer. I created a reversible jacket where one side is inspired by a straight jacket showing the person is feels trapped within themselves. Through the ritual the jacket gets turned around to the flowing white robe showing the light after the dark. It shows that you can take your harsh emotions with you and grow from them. The white zipper on the front of the black jacket is to hint at the process itself. The pants are another transformative aspect of the ritual where it starts them being partially untied and ends with them being fully tied up. It is supposed to represent stitches and the person being physically and emotionally stitched back together. The ritual is accompanied by interior design, video, other 3D aspects, and is interactive for the entire class. I started with a mood board, moved to sketching out the design, and then created each part piece by piece. I started with the pants and then the under shirt and finally did each part of the jacket. I finished the garment by making the jacket reversible.

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