Meghan Shawn Alter Ego

For my Alter ego project, I created a super hero that could read minds. Meghan Shawn’s back story is both her a her mother are mind readers. A secret government agency took Meghan’s mother to run tests on her. Meghan’s mom anticipated the agency coming and left her a map in which to find her. The illustrations on the outfit are key points on the map creating a deep connection between Meghan and her mother. Only Meghan will know how to decipher the map and will learn about herself along the journey to find her mother.

Each symbol is symbolic of my own mother. The illustrators and hair color represent both her favorite things aspects about her personality and charms from an old charm bracelet of hers. The jacket itself was originally her jacket she had custom made while studying abroad in Italy. This project was to honor my mother while creating a superhero in the process. I think my mom is a superhero so I wanted to create one based on her. For the “social media” component I created instead an adventure journal. The journal chronicles the journey she takes to find her mother and explains how she encounters all of the symbols on the clothing map.

Alter Ego Mood Board and Logo

My alter ego is a mind reading superhuman. This entire creation of an alter ego is represented in symbolism that has to do with my own mother. The roses are her favorite flower, the eagle is representative of where she went to college, and the scale is a symbol of her being a lawyer. I wanted to create a person that has the power of mind reading because I’ve always wanted to be able to read my own mom’s mind. For the continuation of this project I am creating a representative outfit where the illustrations are both a map for the character of where to go and symbolic references to my mom’s own life. Accompanying the costume, there is a hand written “diary” of the character with sketches related to her adventures to find her mother.

Hand Ax Exploration

Figure 1. Hand Ax. Egypt, Lower Paleolithic Period (300,000- 100,000 BCE). Flint. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Found in Egypt during the Lower Paleolithic Period (300,000- 100,000 BCE), the Hand Ax is a remarkable object. Being the oldest item in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it shows the historical background of what is considered art. This object was used in ancient Egypt as a tool, weapon, or other useful object. Although not seen as an art form in the traditional sense this and other objects of its kind provide a backdrop for western art. It shows a historical basis for further tools and objects of later creation. The shape and texture have not only a functional purpose, but also a historical meaning. The grove edges could have been used to cut or crush other objects. Additionally, the grove edges could have been created to allow the hand to fit around the ax comfortably making the ax more functional. Now, a fully functional object is considered a form of artistic expression. It set an artistic background for ceramics, pottery, and other crafts to come about. The Hand Ax proved art can be  both beautiful and functional.

The primitive men were creators, investors, and artists. As there is no historical writings from the time period, there is only speculation about the Hand Ax. It is fascinating because it shows the first steps in technological advances. It shows the homo sapiens curiosity with the world around them and their need to create objects for survival. They created this object and others like it not only to use but also to last. Hundreds of thousands of years later the Hand Ax is still in existence. It was not built for temporary use; it was built as a tool of survival.  This work of art provides somewhat of a beginning for the definition of  art, and allows us insight into the mind of those who came before us. This ax was a catalyst for minds to continue to grow and invent new objects that show the history of man. Human curiosity in art was shown as early as 300,000,000 BCE, and is continually shown throughout the remainder of art history. Technology continued to grow and evolve as the human race grew and evolved. Humans looked at the past for inspiration for the future and the ax shows that connection. It is a work of art, a tool, and a reminder of the capacity of the human mind.

Meditation Ritual Project Contribution

For this project my group and I created a meditation themed ritual inspired but internal healing. For my section of the project I am the main performer and costume designer. I created a reversible jacket where one side is inspired by a straight jacket showing the person is feels trapped within themselves. Through the ritual the jacket gets turned around to the flowing white robe showing the light after the dark. It shows that you can take your harsh emotions with you and grow from them. The white zipper on the front of the black jacket is to hint at the process itself. The pants are another transformative aspect of the ritual where it starts them being partially untied and ends with them being fully tied up. It is supposed to represent stitches and the person being physically and emotionally stitched back together. The ritual is accompanied by interior design, video, other 3D aspects, and is interactive for the entire class. I started with a mood board, moved to sketching out the design, and then created each part piece by piece. I started with the pants and then the under shirt and finally did each part of the jacket. I finished the garment by making the jacket reversible.

2D Utopian World

For this project we were asked to create our own world either Utopian or Dystopian in conjunction with the rest of the class, meaning your world would connect with others’ worlds around you. For my world, I started with the idea of a Utopia. For me a Utopia is a place with loads of fabric, my dog, a city, and somewhere with fresh air. The base of the design is an isometric drawing loosely based off of a sunflower. I started by sketching inspiration, then moved to drawing on the velum paper. I wanted this to be a study on textures as my ideal world is full of all different things with all different textures to it. I used acrylic paint, markers, found fabric, and a beautiful photo of my dog from the first day we brought her home to my house in North Andover, Massachusetts. It is held together with a lot Elmer’s glue and some of my tears, just a bit. The bottom lines are meant to be able to connect it with the other worlds in the class. Another connecting point is on the left side; one of the fabric bolts on the left side also hangs off the page to create another connection point. This project was a struggle to work with the velum paper and the wet materials of acrylic paint and markers. Overall a very interesting study in new types of drawing. It created an interesting effect and something that I will take with me going forward.

A Gift For Sebz

For this project, we were assigned to make a gift for a partner based on them. I created a jumpsuit for Sebz full of symbolism. Starting with the form itself, her favorite things to wear are jumpsuits, and her favorite color is royal blue so I created a royal blue jumpsuit. She was telling me a moving story about her religious beliefs in Islam and how her connection with God makes her feel safe. So I created a jumpsuit with a hood to symbolize her connection with religion. She can carry it with her and have it protect her like a hood would. It combines her religious beliefs and contemporary fashion. The color royal blue is also symbolic of religious deities. I turned her into her own avatar. First I drew the sketch, then I created a flat pattern based of her measurements, and then I got to sewing. I made the base without the hood first, has her try it on, and then finished the edges and added the final touches. Finally, we did an amazing photoshoot and put together a mood board with the explanation of her personality and how it is an avatar for her. The top part has swatches of the fabric to create the jumpsuit. The first panel explains her love for coffee, and the rest are insights into her personality that she told me about in our interview. This is an avatar for an avatar in the form of a jumpsuit.

Final Mood Board and Explination

First Sketch