Wire Mask

For that project we had to choose a culture, and explore concepts of beauty within in.

I chose Burning Man Culture, this board represents basic principles of Burning man, as well as patterns, objects or people that inspire me.


Further we had to create 2d shapes using wire.


And 3d wire vegetable.

carrot carrot1 carrot2 carrot3 carrot4

For this project we could use only linear materials, i decided to stick to wire, and don’t intentionally use any more materials, because i really wanted to explore simple architectural lines.

I find next two concepts always inspiring and perfectly in line with Burning man beauty concepts of desert post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

First, HR Giger “spine” structures


Second, organic beauty of Radiolaria


It is usually almost impossible for me to sketch anything i am going to make, because even though i have general idea of what i’m making, i need to hold material in my hands, feel it, and start working with it, and in that process shapes usually born, but i tried to sketch, and this is what happened –

img_6694 img_6695 img_6696 img_6697

Some “work in progress” –


And here is the final mask’s photos, which i hope i will be able to replace with better quality no-shadows backgrounds.

dsc_0572_1 dsc_0573_1 dsc_0574_1 dsc_0575_1

dsc_0579_1 dsc_0593_1


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